We did them so many times that it became second nature.


Pickups and dropoff, food and drinks are on us. 

And more

Bring your kite gear and enthusiasm, let the rest.

ilha do guajiru kiteboarding
eat, sleep, kite, repeat!

The finest downwinders

Secret spots. Only. You and the wind.

We know the best around as we have the local power, years of experience, and knowledge of the nearby area.

We have thousand and thousand of kilometers behind us. Join us on a downwinder to explore the hidden gems.




happy faces

Downwinder options

From small downwinder inside our lagoon, that fits even lower level riders, to big, distance covering missions, we offer a vide variety of downwinders for all levels. Discover the finest, secret spots like Patos or long downwinders till Prea. Join us on the mission!