5+1 Things to do in Ilha do Guajiru

Ilha do Guajiru is famous along kiteboarders – it’s a place that won’t disappoint you, as the conditions are truly amazing. The nice big lagoon and steady wind offers a lot of activity for those who traveling for the wind or planning to learn kiteboarding. Ilha do Guajiru has everything that can make learning easy. But what else to do here?

Sup or canoe tour around the mangroves

Many of the island’s gorgeous Mangroves can be found all around Ilha do Guajiru. One big mangroves is at the entrance of the islands: where the road is crossed by the River. The mangrove is home to a diverse range of wildlife and plant species: you can easily spend hours paddling around and observe what’s going on in the mangroves of Ilha do Guajiru!

Mangrove, kayak, sup


Trek early in the morning, when it’s not as hot, to witness a variety of creatures waking up. All you have to do is remain silent and allow the animals to get close and personal with you. On Ilha do Guajiru you don’t have to be super lucky to see wildlife.

Trekking on and around the island is a great adventure. You are in the midst of such abundant environment, with various plants and animals all around you.

ilha do guajiru nature

Bird watching

If you want to learn more about Brazil’s colorful birds, you should go birdwatching at Ilha do Guajir.

Because the island has so many varied, isolated, and natural places, you will witness birds of many different kinds in magnificent colors all over the place.

You’ll wake up to the sound of songbirds; simply step out onto your balcony to observe and listen.

While most birds choose to nest in the green Mangroves or along the River, you could also go birdwatching in Ilha do Guajiru’s interior and dunes.

The Pearl Lagoon on Ilha do Guajiru is a popular swimming and drinking spot for the various species that live there. At high tide, the numerous rivers and canals that supply the Pearl Lagoon are a heaven for them!

Bring binoculars or a camera to avoid missing a photo of a rare animal you’ve never seen before.

Hourse riding

If you enjoy horseback riding, Ilha do Guajiru is a fantastic rural environment for you to explore.

Horseback riding on the beach is breathtaking, and you’ll immediately understand why the beaches of north eastern Brazil are rated as some of the most beautiful in the world.

It is preferable to go out early in the morning before the extreme heat sets in, or in the early nights, so you can also enjoy the sunset of Ilha do Guajiru.

Turtle Farm – Almofala

Only 20 minutes drive from Ilha do Guajiru you can find yourself at the beautiful beach of Almofala, which is also a great spot for advanced kitesurfers. But if you want to do something different than riding the waves, visit the Turtle farm. Their main mission is to promote the recovery of sea turtles and in the last 40 years they already reach important achievements: proven population recovery; expansion of scientific knowledge; support from coastal communities that stopped direct use of turtles and started to protect them. By visiting the Turtle Farm you also support this mission. More info: http://www.projetotamar.org.br/

ilha do guajiru turtle farm

Learn kiteboarding or improve your skills!

We must add kiteboarding to the list, and likely this is the Number One here still. If you visit Ilha do Gujiru you probably already a kiteboarder or dedicated your stay to learn this amazing sport. Come and enjoy the wind with us! Click here for the Bate Vento kiteboarding details! 


Ilha do Guajiru is a remote area with a little to do besides wandering around in the nature or go kiteboarding. But hey, thats a lot that you cant do back home, so go discover, there is plenty great things to do and to see. and it is surely enough if you light to immerse yourself in the Brazilian life.

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