The 7 best spot – kitesurfing in Brazil!

Kitesurfing in Brazil means kiteboarding in one of the world’s top kite spots. Brazil’s Atlantic coast offers nine months of steady wind from July till January. We all know, that the wind forecast is extremely important to kitesurfers when picking a kitesurfing vacation, and Brazil is a place that you can count on!

Kitesurfing in Brazil is a dream due to the consistently blowing northeast trade winds. From the end of July until the middle of January, it is guaranted that you will kite. You don’t need to check the wind-forecast; simply go out and get on your board.

The windy paradise spanning across four separate states along Brazil’s northeast coast. We selected our favorite spots in Cereá; From Fortalezza to Barra Grande.  You’ll find here whatever level or conditions you’re looking for.


It’s only a one-hour drive from Fortaleza, making it an ideal first stop for kitesurfers exploring Brazil. The infrastructure is well built, and it is a social environment, so expect to see a lot of other kiters.

Cumbuco Beach is 4 km of white sand surrounded with coconut palms that creates a large beach at low tide but a rather limited area at high tide. Cumbuco, since it is so near to Fortaleza, fills up with swimmers and kitesurfers on weekends and during high season, which means you must constantly be alert and aware of what is going on around you.

Wind in high season: 18-32 kn

Water conditions: choppy & wavy


Paracuru is a larger city with a lot going on both during the day and at night. The only downside is that the spot is a 10-minute drive away from the town.

Thanks to the reefs in Paracuru, this area has one of the best flat water and wave combos in all of Brazil. On low and medium tides, a magnificent lagoon forms between the reefs, perfectly flat and ideal for all levels of kiteboarder.

Wind in high season: 18-30 kn

Water condition: flat in low tide, waves on the reef


The village of Icarai, also known as Icaraizinho, is located in a lovely bay, offers a calm and attractive setting with 6 kilometers of beach and great kitesurfing conditions for all levels

The wind blows differently depending on where you go. This is due to the bay’s location; the east tip shields the town of Icarai from the wind. On the east side, the wind blows off shore, while on the west side, it blows on shore.

Many people says that Icaraizinho is just like Jericoacoara was 30 years ago.

Wind in high season: 18-30 kn

Water condition: choppy, wavy, flat- tide dependent

Ilha do Guajiru
Ilha lagoon aerial

lha do Guajiru is still a developing destination, particularly for kitesurfers. It’s for you if you came to Brazil to kitesurf and relax.

It’s one of the worlds’s best places for kitesurfers. Flat water and easy condition are available in the large lagoon (the largest in northeast Brazil), but if you prefer waves, just cross the sandbank and enter the ocean.

When compared to other beaches in Ceará, there are various details that make the area safer and simpler to learn or practice kitesurfing. A few meters from the coast, there is a long stretch of sand that allows the sea to be dammed, making a big flat lagoon free of waves.  Finally, the lagoon area formed is vast, with plenty of space for kitesurfing even during peak season.

There is a reason we opened our pousada at this place after living in Brazil for almost 20 years. Many lagoons in Brazil is filling up with kitesurfers from early morning, leaving little place to practice. The nickname of the lagoon here is The Flatwatersea, because it’s huge enough to call it a sea. At the 4 km long lagoon you will always find your own playground.

If you planning to learn kiteboarding in Brazil, this is an excellent location for you: the shallow lagoon offers easy conditions for beginners to practice without the distraction of waves or deep water. It’s hard to find a safer place than this.


We also offers downwinders in the area, where you can ride in different water conditions from sea to lagoon.

Wind in high season: 20-35 kn

Water condition: flat in the lagoon, choppy & wavy in the ocean


Preá is most likely the windiest place on the whole Brazilian coast. It’s a piece of heaven for expert riders and strong wind enthusiasts, but not a place for beginners.

Aside from the strong winds, Prea has a serene and laid-back.  Prea’s beach is around 15 kilometers long, and the wind blows all the way along it. With such a huge beach, you’ll always find space for yourself.


Preá is an excellent starting place for a downwinder all the way to Jericoacoara.

Wind in high season: 20-35 kn

Water condition: choppy/bumpy


A lovely town near the mouth of the Tucunduba River, surrounded by a huge dune park. For those looking for a more remote getaway, this is a kitesurfing heaven. There is plenty of room, wind, and kiting opportunities. And if you want to party, Jeri, with its laid-back ambiance and exciting nightlife, is only 45 minutes drive away and well worth a visit.

The main kitespot of Tatajuba is at the river mouth. With medium to high tide, you’ll discover a big lagoon with some choppy areas and some super flat water.

Wind in high season: 20-37 kn

Water condition: flat in the lagoon, choppy & wavy in the ocean

Barra Grande

Barra Grande in Piau is a new kiteboarding location. In recent years, it has become a “must-see” destination for kitesurfers.  With its sandy streets and great restaurants, it has a quiet and pleasant, laid-back atmosphere.   The conditions provide decent kiting for beginners and experts as well.

Wind in high season: 22-35 kn

Water condition: flatwater with low tide, but with high tide is super choppy

Kitesurfing in Brazil

As you can see, Brazil is an excellent location for kitesurfing. From July to January, you can count on the wind, the weather is nice, and the seaside scenery is stunning. Because of the length of the coast, the kite scene is spread out over numerous kite places, and you can always find a spot for yourself or an empty lagoon exclusively for you and your buddies. There are countless flat water locations, and many wave spot as well. 


We are waiting for you here! See you in Brazil!

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