Safety first!

Safe lessons for all ages and fitness groups.

Kite gear

We work with the latest gear. No excuses!

What level?

Full beginner or big air? No problem, we coach you!

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eat, sleep, kite, repeat!

We are happy to host the Epic kiteschool!

We are happy to host the Epic Gust as our kite school! 

Zolty the owner of the Epic Gust provides enthusiastic, high-quality lessons for all levels. 

If you want to know more about him and the Epic Gust, Click here!

Over 7 years of experience of teaching under the IKO method gives him the tools to get you to the next level whether it is just starting your kite journey, going for your first jumps or sending kiteloops.


students taught



Lessons and structure

We offer lessons for all levels. 

The lessons start with a short intro and theory section. It is very important for us to know you and your past experiences in kiting, so we know what to expect. We host the most top notch instructors, they will set goals for the lessons, and will give you a debrief afterwards. You will even get a homework before the next day to maximize your progression.  You are in the best hands possible here!

3 days- 8 hours total.

Beginner kiteboarding course

1st  day (3 hours)
The basics, lesson starts with “this is the kite” and carries on through safety, and basic flying skills, first on land, then on shallow water, and eventually in deeper. On this day we build the foundation, the safety steps, the kite control, understanding of how to pilot the kite, and how to restart if it hits the water. We enter the water as soon as we passed the basics, to start bodydragging – this is when we let the kite drag us.  Pretty much sailing with the kite!

2nd day (3 hours)
Once you already mastered the basics, we go to the next level, we learn how to go anywhere including against the wind too! As soon as your control reaches a certain level, we bring the board, so it becomes multitasking. Usually the end of this day we try the first starts!

3rd day (2 hours)
We are focusing on the waterstart, and on the longer rides! After this day you will be likely able to rent gear with beach boy assistance and start practicing alone!

progression after you independent

Advanced kite coaching

Once you reach a certain, safe and self sufficient level we are happy to help you to continue. At this stage it is all about the mileage, the more you do it, the better you get! We encourage you to keep kiting before you take your next lesson. Our beach boy system provides you a nice and well priced progression, as you will be able to rent from us gear and a person who looks after you on the road. 

We are happy to coach you if you are looking for higher levels too, like transitions, toeside rides, jumps, tricks in the air and more. The list is endless. We can guide you with strapless, and hydrofoil lessons as well.  The location in Brazil Ilha do Guajiru is perfect place for all disciplines, to start and to progress in them. These lessons go by hour, with same structure as the previous – theory, demonstration, coaching. 

A day with us

This is lifestyle here. We dont check the forecast too ofthen. No need for that. But we have great internet and amazing cocktails for spending the day…


Wakeup & Breakfast

Some of us rise early, some of us late. We do morning workouts and stretches, and we will love to see you there!


1# Kite lessons start

Depending on the tide level we start the daily lessons around 9-11, and independent kiters are already on the water from 9 am.


Lunch and chill

Have a bite between sessions, if you kiting. We will be busy teaching all day! 


2# Kite lessons start

Second session starts, and we go till sunset. Those sunsets are magical here... Bring your camera!


Dinner and more

After the sesh we will be back, won't take long, we live on the beach! Video analysation and little kite talk for those who still stoked! Beer and Caipirinha. Definitely!