Free wifi
High speed internet
Filled for your pleasure
Celling fan
Buffet style

Pool and garden

Your window opens to our calming garden with pool.

Kite gear storage

Washing area and storage provided for your gear.

Kite lessons

Full beginner or progressing? Our instructor will guide you!

room2_194 Medium
room2_201 Medium
eat, sleep, kite, repeat!

Recharge your batteries

Do you like to stay high? Second floor is for you!

Choose this option if you love waking up to exceptional views, and the AC is not a must for you.

Do not worry; this room is the most ventilated due to its unique roof and the ceiling fan; the air circulates efficiently, keeping your sleep refreshing.
Ideal for 1-3 person families or max for three adults.


Big air


jumps a day

We know rest is important, so we put extra effort into making your bedroom perfect.  Ambiance, comfort, and design that helps you to rest during your night fully. Beachside accommodations are the ideal choice for kiteboarders.

The Triple Standard room with a pool view is a well-ventilated room with a beautiful traditional roof, high ceiling, and ceiling fan. The decoration is our wall art with minimalistic wooden furniture and decoration.
Amenities that will wait for you in your room are towels, toiletries in the bathroom, and a filled minibar.
Every morning the view from your first-floor balcony is exceptional, lagoon and ocean view, with a lot of palms around.
The room has a queen-size double bed and a single bed (optional crib).

Ideal for 1-3 person families, or max for three adults.

Buffet breakfast is included in all our rooms.
All of our rooms are non-smoking rooms.

35 m2 to have a cozy and spacious stay.

room2_175 Medium

Well ventilated

Our Triple Standard room is a well-ventilated room with two extra fans to ensure you sleep well!


The mini bar is waiting for you, filled with all the goods that will refresh you during your stay.


Our garden has a sweet chill zone, including a pool, gazebo, and hammocks.


Coffee and a solid breakfast are a must for a kitesurfer. At least in our opinion. Daily breakfast, therefore, the part of the hosting!


If you have previous surf experience and want to brush up on your skills, please let us know.

Lessons and Downwinders

We do sports. Yoga, workout in the morning, and kitesurf all day. We invite you to join us on this journey!