Free wifi
High speed internet
To store your drinks and food
Buffet style

Pool and garden

Your window opens to our calming garden with pool.

Kite gear storage

Washing area and storage provided for your gear.

Kite lessons

Full beginner or progressing? Our instructor will guide you!

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eat, sleep, kite, repeat!

Go dorm!

Only for sleep?

This is the best option if you like to keep your costs low, kite a lot and meet the best human beings on earth: Kiteboarders!  Pick this  great, and simple accommodation in Ilha do Guajiru

Bunk beds, shared environment, hot nights, and loads of kiting. If you are up to this, come to our family-friendly pousada, and stay in the dorm. You won’t regret it.

The dorm has AC  and a shared bathroom.


jumps a day


you will love it

The room is simple, equipped with one bunk bed and a single bed.
There is a small storage area for your private stuff and a shared bathroom. 

Just like the whole pousada, the dorm is a beachside accommodation. The perfect choice for kiteboarders!

If you feel that you will spend your whole day outside, and the room is just for sleep, this is the go-to option!


All of our rooms are non-smoking rooms. 

The room has 1 bunk bed and a single bed. Excellent budget accommodation in Ilha do Guajiru.

Buffet breakfast is included in all our rooms.
All of our rooms are non-smoking rooms.

35 m2 the room size


The basic room has AC. Stay chilled!


In the room, there is a small fridge to keep your drinks and food cool.


Our garden has a sweet chill zone, including a pool, gazebo, and hammocks.


Coffee and a solid breakfast are a must for a kitesurfer. At least in our opinion. Daily breakfast,, therefore the part of the hosting!


If you have previous surf experience and want to brush up on your skills, please let us know.

Lessons and Downwinders

We do sports. Yoga, and workout in the morning, and kitesurf all day. We invite you to join us on this journey!